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Manufacturers of high quality audio cables for discerning musicians and audio professionals. 

Handmade in the UK



made by music professionals...

Axe Custom Cables is a small family run business specialising in custom made cables for musicians and audio professionals who are looking for quality cables that are reliable and truly replicate the sound of the source.


From sourcing the best components that we can and making sure every cable is terminated by hand using 4.7% silver solder (lead free RoHS compliant), we make world class cables to suit all budgets – from bedroom musician/home studio enthusiast to full scale touring bands/audio professionals/venues/commercial studios.


From our “Performer” series cables (TS jack, TRS jack, XLR, speakon, RCA interconnects) through to our flagship “Pro” series (TS mono jack, RCA interconnects), we can deliver world class cables that will withstand the rigours of the road and be the mainstays of your recording setup. We know what music professionals want and need because we are music professionals ourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How it works

Pro Series...

The Pro Series range comprises of three unbalanced instrument cables engineered to have three specific capacitances.

 The Pro Series cables are primarily for use for guitar and bass guitar to amplifier applications. 

We also use the “Fire” cable for our Pro Series RCA interconnects as they really bring the sound to life with much improved detail, dynamics and stereo imaging. The construction of these cables utilises a no compromise approach to materials and electrical characteristics; consequently flexibility is not a priority as these cables are aimed at recording rather than live performance – although the choice is yours. Because these cables perform best in shorter lengths, the maximum length we will manufacture these to is 6M (approx. 20ft). The range comprises the following cables:

ICE 2.png


Hi-Cap 125: 125 p/F per metre. Higher capacitance figure gives more high frequency roll off. “Ice” is the perfect accompaniment to single coil guitars. Bring out the character and detail of your instrument more than you could have imagined before without it ever hurting! Perfect for a more “old School” sound; warmer and fatter mids is what “Ice” is all about.

OXYGEN 2.png


Flat-Cap 90: 90 p/F per metre. Mid range capacitance figure gives average high frequency roll off.  “Oxygen” is the “Rolls Royce” of  “standard” cables. Perfect for Bass, keys, acoustic and electric guitars and all line level signals. This cable shares the same capacitance as our Player Series cables but brings out maximum detail and nuance as well as having a super low noise floor.

FIRE 2.png


Lo-Cap 55: 55 p/F per metre. Low capacitance figure gives low high frequency roll off. “Fire” is Ideal for bringing muddy sounding humbucker loaded guitars and “dead” sounding basses to life. Bring out the full definition of you instrument. Perfect if you prefer a detailed more “hi-fi” sound.


Performer Series...

Our Performer Series cables offer a more cost effective solution for the performing musician. Hard wearing and flexible, they will be sure to provide years of great quality and sound.

  • Van Damme SP-OFC 6.00mm  Pro Grade Classic XKE instrument cable 90 p/F per metre

  • Terminated using 4.7% silver solder – lead free RoHS compliant

  • All Neutrik connectors to withstand rigorous treatment for years of hassle free use

  • Ideal for all instrument/line level usage

  • Available custom made to any length

  • Straight/right angled connectors available

  • Standard or silent connectors available

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